Solidity Integrations

  • Generic:

    • EthFiddle
      Solidity IDE in the Browser. Write and share your Solidity code. Uses server-side components.
    • Remix
      Browser-based IDE with integrated compiler and Solidity runtime environment without server-side components.
    • Solhint
      Solidity linter that provides security, style guide and best practice rules for smart contract validation.
    • Solidity IDE
      Browser-based IDE with integrated compiler, Ganache and local file system support.
    • Ethlint
      Linter to identify and fix style and security issues in Solidity.
    • Superblocks Lab
      Browser-based IDE. Built-in browser-based VM and Metamask integration (one click deployment to Testnet/Mainnet).
  • Atom:

    • Etheratom
      Plugin for the Atom editor that features syntax highlighting, compilation and a runtime environment (Backend node & VM compatible).
    • Atom Solidity Linter
      Plugin for the Atom editor that provides Solidity linting.
    • Atom Solium Linter
      Configurable Solidity linter for Atom using Solium (now Ethlint) as a base.
  • Eclipse:

    • YAKINDU Solidity Tools
      Eclipse based IDE. Features context sensitive code completion and help, code navigation, syntax coloring, built in compiler, quick fixes and templates.
  • Emacs:

    • Emacs Solidity
      Plugin for the Emacs editor providing syntax highlighting and compilation error reporting.
  • IntelliJ:

  • Sublime:

  • Vim:

    • Vim Solidity
      Plugin for the Vim editor providing syntax highlighting.
    • Vim Syntastic
      Plugin for the Vim editor providing compile checking.
  • Visual Studio Code:

    • Visual Studio Code extension
      Solidity plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code that includes syntax highlighting and the Solidity compiler.

Solidity Tools

  • ABI to Solidity interface converter
    A script for generating contract interfaces from the ABI of a smart contract.
  • Dapp
    Build tool, package manager, and deployment assistant for Solidity.
  • Doxity
    Documentation Generator for Solidity.
  • evmdis
    EVM Disassembler that performs static analysis on the bytecode to provide a higher level of abstraction than raw EVM operations.
  • EVM Lab
    Rich tool package to interact with the EVM. Includes a VM, Etherchain API, and a trace-viewer with gas cost display.
  • leafleth
    A documentation generator for Solidity smart-contracts.
  • PIET
    A tool to develop, audit and use Solidity smart contracts through a simple graphical interface.
  • solc-select
    A script to quickly switch between Solidity compiler versions.
  • Solidity prettier plugin
    A Prettier Plugin for Solidity.
  • Solidity REPL
    Try Solidity instantly with a command-line Solidity console.
  • solgraph
    Visualize Solidity control flow and highlight potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Securify
    Fully automated online static analyzer for smart contracts, providing a security report based on vulnerability patterns.
  • Sūrya
    Utility tool for smart contract systems, offering a number of visual outputs and information about the contracts’ structure. Also supports querying the function call graph.
  • Universal Mutator
    A tool for mutation generation, with configurable rules and support for Solidity and Vyper.

Third-Party Solidity Parsers and Grammars